Our history

COFEVA has been founded in 1965 by Vittorio Fenoglio Gaddò, continuing a pre-existing family business with thirty years of experience in the machining of mechanical components.

Since its very beginning, thanks to the foresight and ability of the founder, COFEVA chose to undertake a path that would allow the company to face the challenges of a continuously evolving market;  the decision to adopt CNC machines was a must  for a company whose goal have always been to be a market leader in the machining of components for the OEM sector.

In 1985 CMG have been acquired, a local company which worked in the field of precision machining. From this acquisition we did not only assimilated the name, which then became CMG-COFEVA, but it was also an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of different types of processes.

CMG-COFEVA’s main strengths are competence and flexibility, allowing us to be a reliable partner to our customers in all the critical phases of a product life cycle : starting with the machining of prototypes and pre-series ,continuing with the support during production peaks and arriving to the supply of the product phase-out and spare parts.

Strong determination to stand out, great flexibility, consolidated experience, deep process and machining know-how ,maintenance of a high technological  standard : this is the management philosophy that has allowed CMG-COFEVA to be today a leading firm in the automotive industry.